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Jean-Nicolas – “A police officer with a bicycle placed in front of me, me cria ‘Get back!’ and struck me a violent blow in the belly with the handlebars!…That's when I asked the officer, very politely : ‘Sir, may I have your name and your badge, please.’ Il a répondu en criant ‘Catch him!’…The officer who hit me with his bicycle then addressed to me, looked into my eyes and said a sentence I'll never forget : ‘Now, do you still want my name and my badge?'”

S’il vous plaît noter que la version originale de ce texte est en français. La version anglaise a été produite par un traducteur automatique et peut contenir des erreurs. Pour voir la version originale française, veuillez cliquer sur “Français” en … Continue reading

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Dylan – “It was never explained how sitting was a crime.”

Hi, My name is Dylan. On Saturday June 26, I went to demonstrate in opposition to the G20 with some friends. We were protesting the neo-liberal policies that tend to be put in place when multi-national meetings between leading economies … Continue reading

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