Becky – “…I quickly checked the tag. Honduras. I thanked them for the sweater, made by impoverished Honduran people, sewing clothes for rich people in exchange for slave wages and horrendous conditions. I suggested that if the police continue protecting the G8/G20, perhaps a few more foreign sweat shops can be set up so that at the next summit, prisoners can have some cheap blankets. I think that one of them got the joke.”

In June 2010, I travelled to Toronto from Vancouver to protest the G20 summit. I was driven to do this by my disagreement with the interests of and decisions made by the G8 and the G20. I feel that this elite group of financially preoccupied individuals has not been asked to and is not entitled to make globally influential decisions on behalf of the rest of the world. Their interests are mainly colonial, capital-centered, and self-rewarding. Their concern for wealth and profit far surpasses concern for people and the environment. The impact of their war-profiteering, earth-raping, human and animal enslaving projects are irreversible and detrimental. They a